ENGOV MIDWEST, INC. is entirely dedicated to a clean and safe environment.  As a solvent recycler and a waste disposal provider our goal is to offer our customers big savings and to present an environmentally secure waste reduction while simplifying the process of solvent purchases and waste disposal.

ENGOV operates on two major fronts of solvent recycling services:  Flexographic companies that use Plate Washout Solvents and companies that utilize Specialty Solvents in their manufacturing process.

Located in the heart of the country, in St. Louis, Missouri, ENGOV is able to offer its services not only to the Midwest region but to all states as well.

About us:

With more than 20 years of experience in the Solvent Recycling business, ENGOV has gained much knowledge of and excellence in the distillation and reclamation of solvents.

ENGOV is a Certified Resource Recovery Facility issued by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and is a Licensed Special Waste Hauler in the state of Illinois.

Its convenient location in St. Louis, Missouri minimizes freight costs and ensures a speedy return of customers' solvent.

To simplify the shipping process, ENGOV makes all freight arrangements unless the company wishes to hire its own transporter.

Recycling operations that distill only Custom Batches not only assure high quality solvent recovery, but also eliminate any chance of cross-contamination. 

Why Engov?

With the most experience in the solvent recycling business (est. 1983), ENGOV is a quality-minded company that recognizes the importance of solvent in the production line.  ENGOV will take care of your solvent as the most important component of your manufacturing process.

ENGOV's distillation process is fully ensured and certified by major solvent manufacturers such as MACDERMID and NUPRO.  Working closely with all Original Manufacturers like DUPONT, MACDERMID, ANDERSON & VREELAND, ISP, BASF, NUPRO, and J.V. IMAGING, our team is constantly trained, always looking for the best results.



Our advanced distillation system achieves the highest possible percentage recovery.  In our facility, we are able to run any quantity of drums, with no minimum lot requirement. Our mobile unit allows us to do ON-SITE recycling for minimum lots of 20 (55-gallon) drums of either Hazardous or Non-Hazardous materials.

Replacement Chemistry:

The chemical adjusting or balancing, when needed, is accurately executed, bringing your solvent back to the exact Original Manufacturer Specifications.  The Top-Off is performed with Virgin Solvent provided by the Original ManufacturersENGOV does NOT use "clones" or "knock-offs".

Specialty Solvents:

ENGOV operations extend beyond the Flexographic Solvent market.  In the Specialty Solvent market, ENGOV also specializes in the reclamation of Specialty Chemicals such as:




Waste Disposal:

The still-bottom disposal is done according to all state and federal laws, and documentation is kept on-file for ten years.  ENGOV also handles a variety of waste streams including flammable liquids, non-hazardous waste, corrosives, and toxic chemicals in any quantity.

Contact Us:

Engov Midwest, Inc.

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Telephone:  (314) 209-1099

Toll-free:  (866) 740-ENGOV (3646)

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e-mail:  engov@engovmidwest.com